Prayer Helpers Of The Precious Blood

"Oh how great is a priest! The priest will not understand the greatness of his office until he is in heaven...Go to confession to the Blessed Virgin, or to an angel. Will they absolve you? No. Will they give you the Body and Blood of our Lord? No. The priest has the key of the heavenly treasures; it is he who opens the door; he is the steward of the good God, the distributor of His wealth...." ~ St. John Vianney




O Jesus, fairest of the children of men, Thou whom I see crushed beneath the weight of  my sins, covered with wounds, Thy hands and feet pierced with nails, Thy side opened with a lance, I adore Thee and recognize Thee as my Lord and my God and as my beloved Redeemer.

Pierced with grief at the sight of the Blood flowing from Thy wounds for the redemption of souls, I feel irresistibly urged to consecrate myself to the worship of this regenerating Blood and by an exemplary life, to atone for all the profanation of the Blood of Thy divine Wounds on Calvary and which It Still  receives daily in the veins of Thy Sacred Body present mystically on the altar. By this consecration which I beg Thee to accept, O my Saviour, I desire to spend  my whole life in proving to Thee my gratitude and my love by paying frequent homage to Thy Precious Blood and by propagating this devotion as far as in my power.

I desire every pulsation of my heart to be a renewal of this consecration, a constantly repeated act of love for this redeeming Blood, a perpetual offering of Its merits in behalf of sinners, and all the souls dear to me, and a hymn of unceasing praise in union with that of the saints and all the blessed in heaven:

 " To the Lamb who redeemed us in His Blood, be honor and glory and benediction forever."


 O Mary, mother of the Divine Redeemer,obtain for me the grace of adoring fervently throughout my life the Blood of thy Divine Son and of singing forever Its mercies in heaven. Amen.




 O, Most Precious Blood! We wish to offer Thee constantly to the Eternal Father to avert His just anger from poor sinners and therefore, we earnestly beseech Thee to prepare our souls for this great work.

When Thou shall have washed away the dross from our hearts, they will be cleansed of all sin and filled with God's love; then, shall we cast ourselves in our nothingness before the Mercy Seat to plead and offer Thee to the Eternal Father for every need.

O Adorable Blood ; deign to plead our cause; propitiate divine justice; console the Sacred Heart of Jesus and save souls. Permit us to make by Thee, in Thee, through the union of our souls with Thee, such an offering of  reparation as may be balm to the Heart of outraged Love; an expiation before the throne of God and an attraction to the Divine Mercy to descend upon poor sinners.

O Sweet Jesus! We ask Thee to teach us how to worship the precious Blood as the most powerful means of sanctification for ourselves and others. Amen.



O God! Who by the Precious Blood of Thy only-begotten Son did sanctify the Standard of the Cross; grant we beseech Thee, that all those who rejoice in honoring the same Holy Cross may at all times and places feel the gladness of Thy protection, through the same Christ our Lord.  Amen.



O Jesus Crucified! my only true good! Grant me, I humbly pray Thee! through Thy Most Precious Blood, that sweet peace of conscience and that holy joy which You alone can give. Grant me to amend my evil habits of life, with true and heartfelt repentance. Grant me, through the merits of Thy most sorrowful Passion and Death, the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, with His pure and heavenly consolation. Have mercy on me and on all Thy creatures and grant us the gift of perseverance in good works and life eternal. Amen.