Prayer Helpers Of The Precious Blood

" He alone, and no other, as the tradition of the Church attests, presides over the entire eucharistic celebration, from the initial greeting to the final blessing. In virtue of his reception of Holy Orders, he represents Jesus Christ, the head of the Church, and, in a specific way, also the Church herself."

~ Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 





Prayer when looking at a Crucifix

My Lord, bathe Father { N } in Your Precious Blood and protect   him from all evil. Amen.

Prayer Before Mass

          My Lord, please fill Father { N } with Your love as he prepares to celebrate                   Holy Mass with You today. Amen.


Prayer Before the Gospel

My Lord, please proclaim Your Word through Father { N }. Amen.


Prayer Before the Homily

My Lord, please anoint Father { N } that he may speak what You want him to speak and open our hearts so that we can hear what You want us to hear. Amen. 


Prayer Before Consecration

 My Lord, help us to see You in Father { N } as he concecrates with You the bread and wine into Your Body and Blood. Amen.


Prayer After Communion

 My Lord, please heal Father { N } by the power of your Eucharistic presence within him. Amen.


Prayer After Mass

 My Lord, I thank You for celebrating Mass with Father { N }. Please bless him abundantly this day. Amen.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

have mercy on them.

Immaculate heart of Mary,

pray for them.



Mary, Mother of the Holy Eucharist, pray for our retired priests.